Who We Serve
We serve all entities and individuals who need to collect, analyze, and report surgical data and to improve surgical outcomes and reduce costs: Providers, Hospitals/Academic Medical Centers, Collaboratives, and Health Plans. QCMetrix’s tools enable data-driven decision-making by aggregating data and analysis across multiple hospitals/centers.

QCMetrix enables surgeons and surgical practices to satisfy looming health plan requirements for performance while driving quality throughout everything they do. Providers are able to show outcome improvements and improve reimbursement in line with coming mandates. It is increasingly necessary to collect outcomes data for credentialing, recertification, and for documenting quality of care delivered to Health Plans and CMS.
Get a head start on your data analysis and quality improvement efforts by using QCMetrix tools to automatically submit your already available electronic data into our analytical platform. Our platform has proven to be the easiest and least costly to implement with a user-friendly interface for nurses and others to enter data. Our user support enables your team to collect reliable data, essential for driving effective clinical improvement decisions. Also, academic medical centers use this platform for education, research, and innovation.
QCMetrix is unmatched in our ability to support collaboratives that drive surgical quality improvements across hundreds of hospitals. We can support you in building a business case and an outreach program to collaborate with your peers. Using QCMetrix proven, yet flexible models, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your area and field of expertise while helping to drive measurable improvements in the care of your patients.
Health Plans/Insurers
QCMetrix’s collaborative platform has enabled systemic surgical outcomes improvement: reducing complications and costs, and saving patients’ lives. In addition to the management of chronic conditions, health care plans will focus on the next generation of health care cost efficiencies and outcomes management which include systemic surgical outcomes improvement. QCMetrix provides the roadmap, tools and expertise to lower payer costs while improving patient outcomes, simultaneously.