Healthcare Intelligence Platform
  • Highly Configurable Data Entry & Workflow Management Tool
  • 1700+ Validation Rules Engine to Maintain Data Quality
  • 150+ Variable Definitions to Ensure Data Verification
  • "My Tab" to Create Hospital Specific Dynamic Variables
  • Case Data Download & Customizable 30-Day Follow-up Letters in PDF & Word Formats
  • Dashboard View for Program Administrators
  • Real-Time Hospital, Surgeon & Resident Level Comparison (50+ Reports with Risk/Reliability Adjusted Models & Multi-Level Drilldown)
  • Charts/Reports Download in PowerPoint and PDF Formats
  • Ad-hoc Reports (Create, Save & Download Your Reports in Excel)
  • Report Subscription Model (Enable Automatic Reports Delivery to One or More Recipients at Specific Time Intervals)
  • Bulk Data Upload from Single or Multi-Hospital Systems (Supports XML, CSV, Excel Formats)
  • Automated Hospital Data Feeds Directly From Existing EHRs to QCMetrix (Using HL7)
  • Data Transferred Securely in HTTPS or FTPS Transfer Protocols
  • High Availability and Performance Processing Hundreds of ADT Feeds/Minute
  • Highly Secured Platform that Enables Collaboration in Real-Time
  • Administrators Can Start Discussion Items and Attach One or More Participants
  • Administrators Can Create One or More Folders Within Each Discussion and Upload Documents
  • Participants Can Share Comments, Videos, Images and Documents
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Web and Mobile Platform for Patient Engagement and Education
  • Enables Patients and Care Team to Stay Connected to Each Other in Real-Time (Throughout the Continuum of Care)
  • Provide Educational Videos, Images, Resources and Questionnaire
  • Allows Hospitals to Follow-up with Patients for Months and Years
  • Collect & Analyze Patient Reported Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction Data
  • Enables Clinicians to Download Scoring Reports (KOOS & HOOS) and Patient Feedback Summary Reports